Exotic Fragrance Body Mist - De Soap Boutique

Fragrance :

A fragrance should tell a story- leave a lasting impression that defines your individuality everywhere you go.  DeSoap has hand crafted an exotic mist collection that will enhance your daily glow, and honor your true inner goddess.  Using the purest of essential oils, this luxury mist will safely become your favorite fragrances that are simply… you.

Flammable. Keep away from flame or high heat.

Proudly Made In USA

250mL / 8.4 fl oz


Pear Blossom: Nashi Pear, Apple, Jasmin, and Rose petals.

Vanilla Confessions: Vanilla Patchouli.

Endless Dream: Lavender, white lilies, exotic oud, and lemon.

Candy Burst: vanilla, caramel, raspberry, and cotton candy.

Perfect Storm: Black currant, citrus, french jasmine, and black truffle.

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