Chakra Stone Pack


Chakra Stone Pack: open – release – balance. This is a boxed set of 7 globally sourced stones curated for chakra healing. The magnetic closure box contains a tray of stones and muslin bag, so you can choose how you want to carry the stones with you. Helpful for all ages, including children, teens, and adults. Packaging features a painted gradation of bright colors and spot gloss highlights for a cheerful, fresh feel.

Pack Includes:

– 1 red jasper (rough)

– 1 carnelian (polished)

– 1 citrine (rough)

– 1 aventurine (rough)

– 1 lapis (polished)

– 1 lepidolite (rough)

– 1 clear quartz (polished)

– 1 muslin bag

Inner Cover:

Crystal property guide for chakra correspondence, including color, affirmation, and property.

Crown Chakra “I know”: Clear Quartz – Awareness

Third Eye Chakra “ I see”: Lepidolite – Intuition

Throat Chakra “I speak”: Lapis – Communication

Heart Chakra “I love”: Aventurine – Love

Solar Plexus Chakra “ I share”: Citrine – Self Esteem

Sacral Chakra “I create”: Carnelian – Creativity

Root Chakra “I am”: Red Jasper – Survival

Back Cover:

This pack of genuine stones aligns and balances the 7 main chakra points within the body. These energy centers respond to physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, so it is beneficial to keep them flowing in their spiral state. You can hold these crystals while meditating, lay them on chakra points, or simply carry them with you throughout the day. In the pack, there is a crystal property guide outlining corresponding chakra colors, affirmations, and the crystals included.

Content + Care:

– Keep box out of water or damp conditions

– Each crystal is one of a kind

– To clean: use a damp cloth and gently wipe each stone

Size: 5.25” x 4.5 ” x 1”

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