Aromar -Warm Sugar Cookies Fragrance Oil


A sweet, fresh fragrance will remind you of the freshly baked brown cookies out from the oven. To make it even exciting, it is warmed by the mild hints of churned butter and granulated sugar. A must have fragrance for all occasions! Use it in your candles, oil burner and incenses to unleash a vibrating and nostalgic environment at your home and workplace.

Key Features:

  • 100% Original Fragrance Oil
  • Made from the Finest Ingredients
  • Made in the USA
  • Multipurpose Oil
  • Long Lasting Fragrance
  • Extremely Concentrated
  • Easy to Carry
  • Not Tested on Animals

Now get this mesmerizing fragrance from Aromar. It serves to be a treat for your senses. As it comes in the most concentrated form you can use it for different reasons. Add it to soap making material in diluted form or few drops of this oil can be added to wax for making scented candles. All the fragrance oils from Aromar are of best quality.

                                        Oil burner: Add in several drops of scented oil to the dish on top of the oil burner and turn on the oil lamp.
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