Aromar -Walnut Metallica Wood Diffuser


Metallica isn’t just the name of a class rock band, it is also one of Aromar’s greatest wholesale diffusers. The Wood Metallica Ultrasonic Diffuser features a 400 ML body which ensures the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils can be experienced throughout nearly every room of the home with just one diffuser. It also comes in two wood variations, to complement any indoor decor. Your customers will love the mind, body, and soul benefits they receive from this diffuser!


  • Easy to Use
  • 400 ML 
  • Eliminates Fire Hazards
  • Available in Oak & Walnut

                  How It Works: 

                  This diffuser is unlike any other diffuser out there. When it comes to aromatherapy, your customers will be drawn to this diffuser for a few reasons. The shape and materials it is made from are two reasons that ensure the customers receive the most health benefits. However, it also incorporates a new ultrasonic vibration technology which cuts out the use of heat to diffuse oils. It’s been proven that heat can void out many of the therapeutic benefits of oils, but with our diffusers, your customers will see the difference from the moment they turn it on. 

                  Why It Works: 

                  The shape and overall appearance of this diffuser is something that customers are naturally drawn to. It’s sleek with its soft silhouette and promise of wellness benefits. The ultrasonic vibrations are the best way to diffuse fragrance and essential oils, in order to receive their benefits. 

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