Under the Sea Oil Warmer 1 free sense gift 🎁


Humans have been fascinated with the Earth’s oceans for millennia. Life under the sea doesn’t run by the same rules of our surface-level. That’s why so many people seem to love the mystery of the sea, because they feel they can get lost in the moment and relax. Your customers will feel this sense of serene bliss from our 3D Under the Sea Oil Warmer as well. This device brings the ocean home and refreshes any room with their choice of fragrance!


  • Easy to Use
  • Eliminates Fire Hazards
  • Used For Both Wax Melts & Scented Oils  

                            How It Works: 

                            The 3D electric oil burner might seem more complicated than other oil burners on the market, but it is far from it. Rather, it is extremely simple in that the customer just has to turn it on, add the oil, and wait for it to gradually warm-up. 

                            Why It Works: 

                            This is one of the best oil burners on the market because it covers such large surface areas, it is durable, and keeps the home smelling fresh all the while.

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