Aromar -Tropical Mango Fragrance Oils


Need a more refreshing sweet and relaxing aroma of summer? Fragrance Oil Tropical Mango is the answer. Being a very clean and natural smelling fragrance, it comes with a tropical blend of mango. Now get ready to troll down the tropic lane. This perfumed oil will evoke in you the images of tropical islands, the sweet juices of a sun-ripened mango, and the golden hues of summer. When you want fragrance oil which smells extremely delicious and completely invigorating, look no further.

  • Ideal for use in your burner
  • Add it to your bath water to create your perfect summer relaxation.
  • Specifically formulated to be perfect addition for soaps, candles, and much more.
  • It is extremely rich, concentrated, and long-lasting.

Aromar has been known for producing the top notch quality fragrance oils, and this is no exception. Produced using the finest quality ingredients, it is a fresh tropical combination of mango, papaya, pineapples, coconut, and wild watermelon.

                                                  Oil burner: Add in several drops of scented oil to the dish on top of the oil burner and turn on the oil lamp.
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