Starburst Oil Warmer - Aromar


For as long as humans have existed, we have been obsessed with the idea of space. It seems as time went on, we became aware of this obsession and began to really see more fashionable space items in the marketplace, our 3D Starburst Touch Oil Warmer included. These wholesale oil burners are strong and long-lasting. No matter what, they keep families safe from an open flame and help improve air quality at the same time.


  • Easy to Use
  • Eliminates Fire Hazards
  • Used For Both Wax Melts & Scented Oils 

                        How It Works: 

                        This oil burner is rather simple at its foundation. The oil is added to the top of the burner, the burner heats up through the intensity of the lights, and once the oil gets to the desired temperature, the therapeutic properties become activated. Your customer doesn’t have to worry about watching the burner because there isn’t an open flame. As a result, more and more people seek better air quality through Aromar’s products. 

                        Why It Works: 

                        Our 3D Starburst Touch Oil Warmer is one to beat. This is one of the best oil burners on the market because it covers such large surface areas, it is durable, and keeps the home smelling fresh all the while.

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