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Aromar -Rotating Amphora Abstract Diffuser- Blue


If your customers are looking for a more traditional looking diffuser, these attractive glass diffusers draw on ancient Greek and Roman culture for their pleasing shape, narrow at the neck, then blossoming into a curving body. These particular products are rotating diffusers that act not only as a lovely piece of décor but also aid in the distribution of fragrance and essential oils throughout an area. These new diffusers for wholesale come in a variety of colored glass and house 7 color LEDs that will create a soothing visual addition to the use of scented oils. Customers will be clamoring to have their own.


  • Easy to Use
  • 100 ML 
  • Eliminates Fire Hazards
  • Available in White | Gray | Copper | Abstract

    How It Works: 

    Our diffusers need only tap water and your choice of fragrance or essential oils to work. They use modern ultrasonic technology to produce vibrations that create the microparticles that are distributed into the desired space. 

    Why It Works: 

    High temperature can cause damage to the chemical structure of therapeutic oils, resulting in a reduction in effectiveness. Because the ultrasonic diffusers do not use heat, they protect the beneficial qualities of the oils.

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