Mahogany Bloom Wood Diffuser - Aromar - 2 oils free


Wood is a popular interior decorating material and has remained so throughout the years. Not only is it in trend, but it also brings about a natural sense of grounding and peace to the area around it. Aromar’s Wholesale Wood Bloom Ultrasonic Diffuser is a 400 ML diffuser that works for hours on end to keep your customers peaceful and satisfied longer.


  • Easy to Use
  • 400 ML 
  • Eliminates Fire Hazards
  • Available in Birch & Mahogany

                    How It Works: 

                    We have revolutionized the aromatherapy industry with our wholesale diffusers. Before ultrasonic vibrations, every diffuser used heat to diffuse fragrance and essential oils. However, it was proved that heat has a tendency to burn the oils and voids them of many benefits. Our diffuser features these ultrasonic vibrations that do not use heat to diffuse oils. In turn, the customer has a more therapeutic experience rather than simply refreshing their home. 

                    Why It Works: 

                    Aromatherapy and scented oils have been used for centuries as holistic remedies and ways to calm the nervous system. They are responsible for a number of different health benefits when they are consistently used and diffused. 

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