Aromar -Copper Mandala Oil warmer


Aromar’s Copper Mandala Oil Warmer is unlike any other oil burner. It is large enough to burn any amount of oil or wax and can refresh larger areas of the home as well. Our wholesale oil burners work great for yoga and meditation sessions as well, because they invite a naturally calming atmosphere.

Wholesale copper oil warmers with touch technology.


  • Easy to Use
  • Eliminates Fire Hazard
  • Use With Scented Oils or Wax Melts

                                  How It Works: 

                                  This is an electric touch oil burner that is hassle-free and provides an invigorating fragrance for hours on end. The best part is that the oil burner is touch activated so the customer doesn’t have to worry about messing with long cords or even knocking it over. Place them in Home and Decor sections within your store, and watch them fly off of your shelves. 

                                  Why It Works: 

                                  Aromar’s wholesale copper touch oil burners work because of the design mixture between quintessential copper, and the appeal of touch technology. Buyers will be able to have a rustic look with a new technological advancement, truly getting the best of both worlds. 

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