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Our Metal Oriental Ultrasonic Diffuser gives the unknown a whole new meaning, as customers no longer have to guess how many benefits they’ll receive from their oils, due to our powerful diffusers. Try pairing this diffuser with your favorite essential oil


  • Water capacity: 100 ml
  • 3-4 hours of continuous mist
  • Choose from continuous mist and interval timer settings
  • Quiet, gentle operation is subtle and perfectly discreet
  • Set the mood with multicolor led lights, choose from 7 vivid colors
  • Safety auto-shutoff when water runs out
  • No flames, no wax, no mess – safer for use at night and around children than scented candles
  • Includes USB cable and adapter

            How It Works: 

            Ultrasonic technology is a rather new concept that has been developed in recent years. It is seen as safer than other conventional ways of using scented oils. Our powerful diffusers encapsulate this technology in eye-catching designs. Ancient civilizations always knew the benefits of fragrance and essential oils, but never really knew how to diffuse them in a way that still allowed for all the benefits. Now, without the use of heat, customers can enjoy the mind, body, soul therapeutic properties for years to come. 

            Why It Works: 

            Cultures have long understood the properties that aromatherapy oils provide. Our wholesale metal diffusers bring this sacred knowledge into the present and help to embody all of the benefits that fragrance and essential oils provide by use of ultrasonic vibrations. 

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